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we're not psyched to look back to camp at guantanamo where patients are worse than the monitor in the car strike never turned the world's attention to the point that some gulag of our time. larry king now one of the most recognizable faces in m.m.a. tito ortiz to me this is competition this is to compete against another man we are the modern day gladiators i want to make sure i dare take advantage of this life as much as possibly could and never look back to thinking that i wish i would have had a public break up with jenna jameson how's the relationship she's a mother my children in the day and i pray and i wish the she would get help plus you've had a rocky relationship with a very rocky relationship like tyson and don king i think talking actually made tyson a lot more money that's all that stuff on larry king now. welcome
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to larry king now today a special guest and a bed and poorly i'm going to welcome is tito the people's chevy and our t.v.'s the former you have seen the light heavyweight champ and two thousand and twelve inducted into the u.f.c. hall of fame is one of the most recognizable faces in all of mixed martial arts over his sixteen year career and he will face quinn didn't rampage jackson on saturday november second for the first live bill of door pay per view event being held at southern california's long beach arena i thought you were tired i was retired what happened you know i went through a lot injuries. i would fix myself and my injuries i went through relationship. i was able to kind of fix myself and see things in a different deal. you know i kind of pull myself out of
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a dirty bomb to be able to look into the fishbowl and ask myself do i want to go back in the day fishbowl anymore now and get into the gym became a little bit easier. or different because i had ordered by the right because it wasn't longer that much warning once so you got out of all of that yeah i got all that you know and you know work with u.s.c. was does very challenging the president always try to ruin my name always trying to get by the way to say it but there is that all the way with all the way and i was able to recover faster and surgery at a replacement and get back in the gym wrestle and kick boxing and you know these are the kids wrestling class and my gym punishment training center home to beach. things are fun again it was exciting. i fell in love of the sport when i first competed i first started my first under us when i fell in love with the sport and once again i'll fall in love to start to compete again i would go to a few fights i was like well maybe i want to do this again i don't still young i'm
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just i'm thirty eight competition is fun i love to compete thirty eight is old of politically loaded for some people yes is only as old as you think you are guess you can say you were first a wrestler right better and a mayor i guess what attracted you to go from bad to what was kind of an accident actually i wrestled in high school wrestling college i went to college on a physical education major and i don't mind a special education teaching i want to be a resource teacher on to be a wrestling coach i want help with kids and then i watched the u.f.c. and one of the guys who competed in it i competed against him in wrestling and i dominate him like no other i was like wow this guy's dumb and he's got this you have seething. maybe i can give it a try i called up one of my training partners at the time and i asked him again meeting to get me in the u.f.c. because you want to fight in this that you had i want to try and i box a little bit my brothers i wrestled i was in a state champion and almost junior college so i competed at u.s.c. thirteen may thirtieth one hundred ninety seven as an amateur i think first in all
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the u.f.c. competitive every compete for free and i did it just to challenge myself a challenge to see what type of heart i had several monahan of competition in fighting in hand to hand combat i stopped the guy in twenty two seconds what made m.m.a. take off i think the biggest thing that made m.m.a. take off would have to be. ultimate fighting are. tough which is the ultimate fighter that was on spike television spike t.v. had viacom did an awesome job of promoting the sport and being able to educate the fans of what the sport is truly about when it first began bob meyer was a c.g.a. kind of thought this as being the most brutal sport alive and they sold as that that's they saw that it is a no no no you watch boxing on a average deaths per year there's four deaths in boxing here and you have see that they want to date so despite the very big kick and do everything else while you're
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talking about strikes you're talking about socrates into the head talking about concussions to the head. that will handle seven standing account of a guy gets droppy can intelligent defend himself and not just stuff is not a sin you don't have that same thing it's so it's not necessary that a good wrestler would be a good m.m.a. fighter most of the time yes i would yeah course i love a good fighter of the boxers that's that's the challenge challenge that only have been a good of a fighter. if you all agile quit mike tyson now. no you gotta learn wrestling wrestling is the base because a lot of it is once you get striked we can hold on we can grab an island boxing was the guys grab a hold on we got a rep who breaks apart that's when our game begins because there's a take downs or submissions there's so many other things that come about kicks to the legs of boxers can't handle kicks the legs so now you're returning a new promoter right yes belet or. the ads on t.v. also on buying com and it's a it's
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a company that actually is willing to push the fighters to make fighters brands make fighters superstars not worry about making bella toward the brand itself that the u.f.c. do that correct ok now you're going to fight a good friend write a training partner quinten rampage jackson actually our first eight years of our career we trained with each other so now actually we're getting paid for it so there's a little big big difference about is it harder to fight someone you like and are friendly with us challenging very challenging but i don't want to hurt him or you do it competition is i never want to hurt you on i want to win i want to show i'm a better competitor herding is part of winning in that to a certain extent yes it's moves it's like playing chest you know you want to make sure you're relaxed in the right place want to make sure pons in the right place and have you for him before every single day in the gym for eight years never in a major fight know we always competed against each other always at the top here getting ready for a fight to defend the world title and he was on his way working up or vice versa he
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was on his on the top tier and i was always working up so we got those other our other partners as well and partners yes we got to better of each other a lot. of big me more than him or you're known as a trash talker yes how did that start you know of the company to beach. i got the nickname the need to be a bad boy i spoke my mind i spoke the truth and i didn't have any censorship on anything i said i said what was on my heart was on my mind about in and out of the ring. in and out of the ring yes i was huge fan of mohammad ali i watch what he did how he sold fights good friend i was a huge fan a whole colgan i watch what he did of sports entertainment how can i find a happy medium of them too in mixed martial arts if i can make one step of what they've done in their separate sport in m.m.a. then i'm doing my job the right way so you do it in the ring i do the ring i did interviews i did it based on a tip me on trash talking what's good what makes
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a good trash talker i always say the truth but you could always make the truth a little more devastating than anything and if you attack someone's character and strictly their character don't talk about their family don't talk about their wives don't talk about their kids don't talk about it being like that about way they look the way they look you could trash that where they walk around the way they carry themselves they way they speak. the way the many things we attack someone's character as a file you get into a mentally do not fold of course your old yeah exactly those my little trick of the giggle and you know probably break up with jenna jameson how's the relationship. very distant. of course social media is very huge and people have their opinions. last wednesday our season last monday. there was something i was shown on television for them to do in some type of interview and people got to see what i
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lived with for five years i tried to help somebody who didn't want help so i was on our show yes played last week and she was fine and she was a good photo she was funny you know she spoke rather well of you know she to people yes. you know she's a mother my children in the day. and i pray and i wish she would get help for herself. and i just i pray every day for it. i lived there for a long time i tried to help some we didn't want to be helped you know i came from a bad upbringing myself at the age of thirteen my mother left my father to give me a second chance at life if my mother never did that would i be sitting here right now oh the kids the kids are amazing and they have you there with me full time with me yes i actually dropped off to school and i came in the night over here is she
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get to see them she hasn't tried to see them in the last four and a half months and just recently this is really first did her book tour and all of a sudden she started ranting raving on the internet about how she wants her kids not. she has no visitation rights she has visitation i see as she has to you know passed a few tests to make it happen and she doesn't care to make it up and she says she'll die to do anything to make to see your children but far seen from the up and what is this done to you this whole episode this is made me stronger this is check my character it's check me as a father to be a responsible person. i want to do the right things for my children my children number one my children need a mother as i hopefully she gets help. at the end of the day i just want to do everything there are father never did any older kids for a half years old he said that wrestling saved your life yes. when i was
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thirteen i was from the age of six to thirteen i live in sand with my mother and father mother and father and a heroin addiction live in motels and cars live in garages people's houses and i see a lot of stuff that a very young age. i was with a gay in santa ana when my friends got shot and killed i told my mother about it she didn't believe me we showed him his getting carried away in a body bag. you know my mother was an offer but she's like well it would my son be next. she we went back home and she told my father either you get sober or i'm taking our son weeks later on wakes me up in the morning off our morning says get up or leave and i was getting over the videos were leaving we were back trying to beat she got remarried i got a second chance at life. at the age of thirteen i was always a huge professional wrestling fan loved watching the whole kogan i mean i watch
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a man randy savage that's all i would watch that was my thing i love but i just how moment of the kid molecule one day oh my name's would be a big bright lies deep or d's but i just watch and wait one day mom one day. as a freshman house in trouble here and there and i was wrong people are just not really had any guidance and had not much structure. i walked into the rustler am i was like where's the ring and not realizing cleavage wrestling and professor russell are two totally separate sports. but i saw guys drawn each other out i was like i would try this and save it save me what is printed without limits and punishment training center was punishment but it's actually started ninety nine that's kind of the business activity that i've always understood of the hustle you know i i got to think out of the business is what am i going to do with my fight career is over and i started part of it was clothing company was a vatican attract one life i said tito and he got to share with your name on an
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area with a patron of that i went home my brother marty was like man you punch that guy it's isn't this you punish that guy. what if i put punishment on a share but tito ortiz dot com the tickets on my website. it's got two hundred dollars thirty make that few shares would put him in his garage two hundred dollars for the five hundred five hundred turned two thousand valentine into two thousand it just got bigger and bigger and bigger of the years and now it's over my billion dollar company and trouble is up there right off of you're on the celebrity problems also reflect this i learned what hard work was in my number one question was jim was how do you become a billionaire and he was up to you know actually. i never stop working and when i go to bed i wake up in the morning i never stop working even when i'm sleeping i'm working. i took that to heart and i was two thousand and five i never stopped i want to make sure i take advantage of this life as much as
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possibly could and never look back thinking that i wish i would have on make sure that i've always done it will play a little game of knowing you'll fold the plate with tito when we get back there is obviously more for the ladies because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really needed to buy guns and learn how to use them. this is the one that i want to go with them once again it's the fear for. women are definitely the target of the gun lovers the one you don't kill the one that killing money would have so many with you with this with her. i'm noticing more and more is this really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to own guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have a paying quality. for kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth
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were clearly not the safest. the. first time as a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears of the war i and a great big other that had regarded or frowned online there's a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. by the way you have the longest heavyweight title reign in u.f.c.
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history jon bones jones broke the record who's the man to beat in the m.m.a. right now. can rampage jackson you know johnny was jealous of us see how he is one of the best in the world right now you know he defined his world title. for the sixth time beat my record for the five i had for over ten years. of you for the i've never competed against him you know you like to i would at one time or another you has won because you had a motive and could go that that be huge numbers look at you put your personal feelings aside co-promote you could tell that today in a way you had a rocky relationship with benoit very rocker they said ship is just one of those love hate relationship i believe so why you had to alpha males in another room and nobody wants to submit to each other that's what it's like like tyson and don king . i think talking actually made tyson a lot more money. the other day not that friendly no no ok we have a new game it's called no you all fall all right this is
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a match between yourself and rampage how well do you really know one another through close friends sparring partners will say so we reached out to rampage i have his answers right in front of me if you get an answer right you will hear the following. i think i heard it and if you get an answer wrong you will hear this. i think they're expecting more wrong answers based on the studio crew ok first question what musician would rampage rather listen to katy perry or miley cyrus my sarah's. well is that say we have our am if rampage wasn't an m.m.a. fighter what career would he have chosen fresh wrestler. correct colby all abroad. le bron. colby
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you got to be though he's really he's from the east coast i thought they would pick him i'm sorry. i would think i'd pick colby myself. i don't know i want to remember this what rampages most embarrassing training school henri. i think my balls got his face correct came out be a pansy got in his face well that accident and all the young girls. in band camp now you know i don't want to skate for the fight but rampages never forgot. that. much that a huge impact on his life and it's a. and finally what habit of yours drives rampage crazy. to think of it as a habit you do frequently too much trash talk and nope. it's when you spit into a boxing gloves and then continued as you see that's when i saw you and i still
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didn't spit on his face then you know that that's not because you want to be i'm like well that's just living in the gloves our pajamas days well what's the result but i get punched in the face. and you are tough man you got to right through wrong we'll see how rampage does do you enjoy hitting people now. rocky marciano one knew very well and the feeder heavyweight champion told me he never really liked he'd rather been a baseball player he was good at boxing but he never really did like the training he didn't really enjoy it i asked mike tyson the same question he does he had joy that i do enjoy it i love training because i like seeing the outcome of training and what my body becomes i don't like hurting another man but that smart patient for this particular. business. i feel sorry sometimes but i
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understand it's survival of the fittest and he's trying to do the same thing to me . you know you all like to get hit in you know you hate your opponent mentally i try to just for that fifteen minutes of competition so i'm able to punch him in a space. to win the match to me this is competition this is to compete against another man we are the modern day gladiators oh we don't kill each other it was the were sure hurt that i've ever known during training you know i will fight never in a fight i got i went for a takedown and the guy. pulled me down i want head first and i ruptured c sixty seven in my neck and arms legs weren't completely numb for about two and half minutes so i was paralyzed about two and a half minutes about it got shocked oh. and fighting a month later with a ruptured disc in my neck and. i've pushed the envelope really hard many of
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times on many of fights that probably should hold out i have have a strong mind and i pressed my body to the limits each and every time just because i know that my mind is very strong and i can do it we have no social media questions for you bear sarah goose ass how is being a father that prioritizes his son's first affected your m.m.a. training and career. i got to find more time you know it's for once in my life i'm actually put my kids first. they have nobody but me right now and this is what's really really important never be anything more important kids never know at all i want to make sure that i'm able to give them everything i never had as a kid growing up and opportunities everything so my career come second on all i'm saying. good thinking yes thank god fly man one twelve tweets how did fail to be robbed in your last fight against griffin felt washer thirty times in a legal road. they scored at thirty twenty seven him in every game around and i
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knocked him down twice and took him down four times the third round i dominated for four minutes and thirty seconds and he was able to stand at the last thirty seconds and he still gave me a round. i felt disrespected at where was it was in las vegas shocked i was very shocked i think the millions of fans are watching were very shocked i feel like my fans are let down i felt let down i felt like i got screwed. but i went on i just you know what can you do was griffin shocked he was you know he was shocked actually he ran into the cage before the. announcement was done in the president when randy grabbed him say no get back in there so there was some fishy about that and sounds fishy sounds very fishy and you know it is where it is at b. wells in eighty six as who would you say was your most challenging opponent and why most challenging upon it i would say beat the ball for well in a three round i want to split decision and i got my nose broken in the first minute
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thirty seconds of the fight and i had a show my heart and my determination in it upon a split decision at rolling ups this is tweets what have you changed in order to prepare for rampage what i've changed i've changed my boxing my kickboxing. course i'm a lot of strength a lot of muscle and i've been doing a lot of stuff to make my feet faster what's his best tribute to his best actually with his powerful hands very very strong hands that's super dead too doesn't want to ask are you going to. bring the old vicious ground and pound back hoping for total domination i try to each and every fight that's my goal now we're going to play a game of if you only knew it was just a quick game i ask questions us remember the first girl you kissed yes what was her name. danielle. was a freshman in high school that late and another one in middle school i just i don't know i was always around guys on the hill find out what happened to danielle no i
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never did she's watching danny owings is available favorite olympic sport wrestling first professional match. you have see thirteen one thousand nine hundred seven a fight you'd love to see happen in m.m.a. . johnny but i was joe's worse then or since oh well who would you love to face quinn ranters jackson that's going to happen someone you look up to. anybody who gives back to society hardest hit or in the end of a was are those who ever been hit that newly sober yeah he hit hard as guy hit me in the chain you grab my leg give me the chain a feel like the earth one upside down and only if you only went with me so i think it's going up side down so i don't see vandalism favorite m.m.a. technique favorite m.m.a. take me out to be. elbows. that adjective that
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describes your fighting style aggressive adjective that best describes rampages fighting so powerful moment you realize you've made it drive and it's a las vegas from big bear training camp and seeing my name on the big bright lights at mandalay bay santee doherty's and bright lights my dream as a kid came true favorite city the five in las vegas even though they robbed you. it's if i had small home away from home when i'm there everything is what i want how i want whenever i want it it's people treat me with a lot of respect there and fans are great there it's a beautiful city big supporter of the sport too yes i have all of our shaved head what's that mohawk or shaved it obvious yes fighting standing up or on the ground on the ground like they grow up in a savory movie favorite movie goodfellas have me to your favorite t.v.
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show they were t.v. show. sponge bob square pants i love the two best childhood memory best childhood memory why you had a rough childhood yeah i had i guess working on the boats when i was a kid you know fishing and that's. and catching my first tuna given the good times with your father. yeah you know i shall just talking about this with a girl just recently we go shooting and i remember she told me it for the first time when i was about six. that will marry stays with you yeah we did before then he was abuse a business owner he was a carpenter. and before he got addicted drugs he. we had a lot of family time you know we would go to the beach all the time my mother we were happy family were great ed is this is one of those things that. so he wanted to rob so people don't so your responsibility some great meeting him
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a pleasure thank you very good luck awesome thank you i'll stand your best to rampage yes for sure you better want to thank my guests tito ortiz and remember you can find me on twitter at kings things i'll see it next stop. playing. world of. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future of covered. play.
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play. play. a. little. cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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oh there i marinate it this is boom bust and here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. chat room hours will be closed from nine to five at least if you're employed by a big bank that's right banks that may start disabling electronic chat rooms following regulators screw you over what exactly goes on it is chat rooms we'll tell you all about it coming right up and is there nowhere safe to keep your big current nowadays sadly that actually might be the case now some big point banded made off with over one million worth of electronic movies we'll tell you how they did it and finally best selling author jenna rickard joins me in studio today to discuss all things monetary i'm talking currency wars it's all coming up and now to lead to get to the show.


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